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Program enables the analysis of:
  • retaining wall
  • revetment wall
  • retaining-revetment wall
  • massive (gravity) wall
  • walls with or without, relief cantilever and anchor
  • anchor wall
  • cantilever retaining wall
  • wall with four soil layer and different kinds of load (traffic load, foundation load, linear load, point load and ground water).


Top-Down&Up way of building on the example of “Cvjetni” Zagreb

Top-Down & Up, method of construction is the construction method in which after completion of one storey, at the same time continues to build to the lowest and the highest floor. In Croatia this method was first used in the construction of residential and commercial building “Cvjetni” which has six underground floors and seven above […]

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Horizontal alignment of two inclined structures in Tuzla that were damaged by great settlement caused by the saline water pumping

As a result of removing the salt (leaching) beneath the city of Tuzla, there was a large subsidence. Partially subsidence is 12.5 m and a total volume of subsidence is approximately 5,000,000 m3. Buildings that have been corrected had the differential settlement between two points from 10 to 70 cm. After correction, the building became […]

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