Program enables the analysis of retaining wall, revetment wall, massive wall, anchor wall, cantilever retaining wall and wall with counterfort wall with four soil layer and different kinds of load (traffic load, foundation load, linear load, point load and ground water).

For the first time it is possible to analyses stability of retaining wall in case when angle of repose is bigger than angle of internal friction.

After entering the data the Program produces the following result set:

Analysis of stability of the wall, dimensioning in five characteristic profiles, bending schedule (M1:50), scheme of reinforcement, bending moment diagram and cost estimate.

Program is in accordance with EC2, EC7 and EC8 and designed in Excel supported by VBA module.

If you’re not using the Eurocode, there is an option to enter partial factors according to your local regulations in the appropriate cells (N18 to O41) in sheet „Analysis and dimensioning“.